Sunday, July 5, 2009

Natural Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Thanks to the modern science, every day we have at our disposal new medicines and herbal supplements to improve the male sexuality, and that's always welcome. However there are some foods, condiments, vegetables and flowers that are very beneficial for improving sexuality, that are available to everyone, and have a very affordable cost. Basically there are aphrodisiacs to stimulate the erotic senses and others that directly stimulate the circulation and have a direct impact on the genitals. Let us see then, which are some of those products that can benefit you.

Watermelon. Some people say that this delicious fruit is a natural version of viagra, as one of its components, citrulline, has the ability to relax the blood vessels in the same way as the famous blue pill does. This substance increases the natural production of nitric oxide, relaxes the blood vessels and benefits the immune system and circulatory system. It also has diuretic and antioxidant properties.

Garlic. Always used to improve the erotic appetite and sexual performance, and recommended to the couple in some old medical texts. As it is better to eat the fresh garlic, of course you have to be careful if you have a date immediately.

Basil. This plant was dedicated to Venus during the ancient times. It is often consumed on an empty stomach. Besides aphrodisiac, relieves headaches, dizziness, stomach spasms, weakness and bad breath.

Artichoke. It has a bitter substance that stimulates the erotic sensations. It was always considered a powerful aphrodisiac, and was a favourite food of kings. It is a bit difficult to prepare, but it is delicious.

Anise. In India they used to consume anise with honey to prolong the sexual act. Greeks and Romans also thought that this seed was very appropriate for sexual activity.

Celery is a potent stimulant of male sexuality, due its properties to prolong the erection and improve erectile dysfunction. It is relaxing and stimulating of the sexual glands.

Gingseng is a potent stimulator of sexual activity, especially when the decrease in libido is due to depression, stress or anxiety. This plant is possibly one of the most popular medicine herbs in all parts of the world.

Ginger. For thousands of years, ginger root is recommended as one of the most effective aphrodisiacs. It is a stimulator of the circulatory system and an invigorating for the reproductive system.

All these foods, drinks or herbs may or may not be effective in a given case, but the most important thing and the starting point for a good sex in men, is to take care of the overall health. If you're obese, have high cholesterol, or have problems with alcohol, cigarettes or illegal drugs, then you should seriously begin to address these abnormalities with your physician. Only after this consultation, you will have the right direction to improve your sexuality.

By: Herbalink

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